• Provide a clear and simple recitation of call rates to both customers and consumers, ensuring that those call rates are always available online and at the time of each call before they are accepted.
  • Commission an annual report of inmate calling costs, produced and published by an independent third party, including a breakdown of what is being charged beyond the specific cost of the call (for example, additional costs necessary for the provision of safety protocols and service).
  • Publish by the middle of this year an industry-leading report detailing a terms-of-use policy for our products and memorializing comprehensive data privacy standards.


check_circle_outline Commissioning an annual report to detail call costs with necessary breakdowns set to be completed by the end of 2020.
check_circle_outline Developing a report detailing terms-of-use policy and memorializing data privacy standards.
check_circle_outline Making call rates more prominent and easier to understand on company website.