• We will launch a platform for returned citizens in three constituent communities focused on improving re-entry success rates by addressing education, jobs, and other core needs. Our technology helps to keep people connected, and the needs do not stop as they transfer through the incarceration period.
  • We will resource existing community groups reaching individuals from at least fifteen locations to enrich and scale programs that make a demonstrable, lasting impact on re-entry and recidivism. We see our role as the technology platform and will focus on partnering with community-based reentry and anti- recidivism experts to provide technological access and audiences for their proven programs.
  • We will have 400,000 tablet devices deployed for use by the end of 2021 to facilitate broader access to communications, education, re-entry programs and other support services. Our tablet technology helps close the technology gap in the incarcerated community. Broad distribution of tablets will help close this gap with both free and paid content available to all we serve through these devices.