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  • We pledge to significantly improve and diversify our educational offerings by inviting community college and minority-serving institutions to join our platforms with the goal of increasing registration of individuals participating in post-secondary educational endeavors. Working in concert with local institutions we will enable online delivery of their educational content to incarcerated individuals through our next generation tablet deployments.
  • We will partner with proven, outcomes-based programs to make literacy tools available on all of our tablets.
  • Our hiring processes will be further structured to actively seek second chance and other underserved populations for roles throughout the organization. More than 1/3 of working-age adults in this nation have a criminal record that leads to substantial difficulties in securing a job and increases the likelihood of being re-incarcerated. The most impactful thing we can do is to invest in and stand by individuals as they work on a successful re-entry path; a path that is fundamentally dependent upon securing gainful employment post-incarceration.
  • Our contracting standards will be expanded to included second chance hiring expectations for our partners and suppliers. We are committed to fully supporting second chance hiring not only directly for ourselves, but integrating these principles into our procurement standards, vendor relations and thought leadership.