Our Commitment

Aventiv is making our products more affordable and accessible; investing in innovation; supporting education and job training to prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry; and ensuring our organization is transparent and accountable.

Aventiv is working to balance the needs of corrections agencies, incarcerated individuals and their families, and public policy officials who oversee corrections facilities. To help achieve that balance, Aventiv CEO Dave Abel announced in January a commitment to transform our business and products.

Committed To Access and Affordability

  • We will continue to deliver on our three-year commitment to a 15% reduction in the average price of a telephone call.
  • We will not use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to bypass regulations.
  • We will work with existing customers and include in new proposals at least one communication per week for every incarcerated account holder in need at no cost to the consumer.
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Committed To Transparency

  • We will publish an annual report of product performance and service levels independently validated by a third-party to provide insight into the quality of experience we provide to customers and consumers.
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Committed To Education, Reentry and Recidivism

  • We pledge to significantly improve and diversify our educational offerings by inviting community college and minority-serving institutions to join our platforms with the goal of increasing registration of individuals participating in post-secondary educational endeavors.
  • We will partner with proven, outcomes-based programs to make literacy tools available on all of our tablets.
  • Our hiring processes will be further structured to actively seek second chance and other underserved populations for roles throughout the organization.
  • Our contracting standards will be expanded to included second chance hiring expectations for our partners and suppliers.
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Committed To Listening and Responsiveness

  • We will establish a formal advisory board of major stakeholders to provide actionable feedback and guidance directly to our management teams.
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Committed To Technology and Innovation

  • We will launch a platform for returned citizens in three constituent communities focused on improving re-entry success rates by addressing education, jobs, and other core needs.
  • We will resource existing community groups reaching individuals from at least fifteen locations to enrich and scale programs that make a demonstrable, lasting impact on re-entry and recidivism.
  • We will have 400,000 tablet devices deployed for use by the end of 2021 to facilitate broader access to communications, education, re-entry programs and other support services.
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