Our Commitment

Aventiv is making our products more affordable and accessible; investing in innovation; supporting education and job training to prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry; and ensuring our organization is transparent and accountable.

Aventiv is working to balance the needs of corrections agencies, incarcerated individuals and their families, and public policy officials who oversee corrections facilities. To help achieve that balance, Aventiv CEO Dave Abel announced in January a commitment to transform our business and products.

Committed To Access and Affordability

  • Reduced cost of calls by 30%
  • Average cost of calls now 15 cents per minute
  • Provided more than 30 million free calls during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Committed To Transparency

  • Commissioning an independent annual report to detail call costs and hold ourselves accountable
  • Creating best-in-class data privacy standards and terms-of-use
  • Making call rates more transparent and easier to understand
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Committed To Education, Reentry and Recidivism

  • Provided free educational programming to more than 13,000 incarcerated Americans during COVID-19
  • Students have enrolled in more than 25,000 additional courses since March 1, 2020
  • Contributing up to $3 million to other anti-recidivism efforts this year
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Committed To Listening and Responsiveness

  • Facilitated quarterly listening sessions with incarcerated individuals and their families
  • Facilitated conversations with advocates for the incarcerated
  • Facilitated ongoing listening sessions with correctional customers and trade associations
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Committed To Technology and Innovation

  • Invested $2.3 million in new infrastructure
  • Deployed new technology that helped reduce cost of calls by 30%
  • Launched new JP6 secure digital tablet
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