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Keeping families connected during a global pandemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many correctional agencies across the country to temporarily suspend in-person visitation to limit spread of the disease. That means phone calls, e-messages, and video connections are playing an even more critical role in helping incarcerated individuals stay connected with loved ones. Aventiv responded with an unprecedented number of free and discounted communications – the first correctional communications company to do so.

Since March 13, Aventiv Has Provided

53.2 Million
Free Calls
7.4 Million
Free Video Connections
34 Million
Free E-Messages

Providing discounted and free credits

On March 13, the day the US declared COVID-19 a national emergency, Securus Technologies began providing free credits for communication services such as e-messages, video chats, and phone calls. These credits were offered to every state and county served by Securus.

“Thanks so much for your service – just sent a note to a former student of mine… she is taking full advantage of the programs and services available to her and working towards rehabilitation – JPay makes a difference :)” – Mark, customer

“OMG I just read the email regarding what you guys are doing in this time of chaos and I wanted to cry. Thank you guys so much. Just thank you I’m so shocked and lost for words. These bonus perks to stay in touch with our family lowers some of this pandemic stress.” – Customer on Twitter

“Thank you for all you do making communication easier.” – Sherry, Customer

“If it weren’t for JPAY would you be talking, emailing, videoing, picture sharing. Probably not. Thank you JPAY for doing your best during this challenging time.” — Teresa JPAY Customer

Offering compassion credits for those with COVID-19

In addition to the free credits available to all individuals, Securus is providing compassion credits to those who fall ill with COVID-19. Prepaid cards are distributed by correctional staff to sick individuals, providing unlimited free access to Securus phone calls and video connections to ensure COVID-19 patients are able to stay connected with loved ones throughout their medical care.