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About Us

Aventiv Technologies and its partners are helping people and technology work better together.

Aventiv Technologies is a diversified technology company serving the public sector by providing innovative solutions to increase efficiencies, access to communication and reentry tools as well as safety and security resources to keep our communities safe.

Since being acquired by Platinum Equity, Securus – the Aventiv company focused on communications, security technology, free education and reentry –  has undergone substantial change, with a major emphasis on affordability, accessibility, and accountability.

“We have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to address the financial and social needs of the communities we serve, making our services more affordable and accessible while continuing to innovate and help our government partners keep those communities safe and secure.”

—Aventiv CEO Dave Abel


In January 2020, Aventiv Technologies announced Dave Abel as its new President and CEO, to lead an ambitious multi-year transformation effort.

Aventiv is the parent company of:

Securus Technologies offers products that support communications, security, entertainment, no-cost education and re-entry for correctional facilities, incarcerated individuals and their friends and families. That includes hardware such as phone kiosks and digital tablets, and software that enables video connections and e-messages, which also serve to enhance public safety.

JPay facilitates money transfer products in the corrections space, including account funding, release cards and parole and probation payments.

AllPaid focuses on government payments outside the corrections space.