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Partnership Will Introduce Access to Digital Communication, Media Offerings, and Free Re-Entry/Educational Resources to Reduce Recidivism

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Office today announced that it will introduce tablet and video connect technology to incarcerated individuals in the county thanks to a new partnership with Securus Technologies. The technology will provide incarcerated individuals with a wide range of communications options, media offerings, and free educational materials, and re-entry resources.

All incarcerated individuals will have access to the new JP6S tablets, the latest technology offered by Securus Technologies.  They can access a range of free applications focused on re-entry, education, and entertainment such as eBooks, JobView, KA Lite, Law Library, and more.  Users also have the option to subscribe to a low-cost monthly account through the SecureView MakeMine program which allows them to correspond with loved ones through e-messaging and place phone calls on the tablet, as well as access premium media offerings such as movies, games and music. Additionally, the tablets offer college courses and the chance to earn a bachelors or associated degree through Securus Technologies’ Lantern Program and its partnership with Ashland University.

“We are always looking for ways to better support the incarcerated population and enhance the safety of Pettis County,” said Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders. “I’m confident that our new partnership with Securus Technologies will help us prepare individuals for re-entry into the community and make the county a safer and more productive place.”

In addition to the tablets, Securus Video Connect sessions will be available for incarcerated individuals to use on central terminals to host digital face-to-face visits with loved ones. The tool will serve as a complement to traditional in-person visitation and give incarcerated individuals and their loved ones another option to stay connected, especially during the pandemic. Each terminal is appropriately spaced for social distancing in the facility contact visitor room.

“We see the positive impact that access to tablet technology and educational resources has on the incarcerated population each and every day,” said Nancy Salisbury, Vice President, County Account Management at Securus Technologies. “We are excited to partner with the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office and provide incarcerated individuals with the modern tools they need to stay connected to their loved ones and prepare for re-entry.”

JP6S tablets have a seven-inch touchscreen with earbud headphones. The tablets provide up to 32GB of storage with a 13-hour battery life that can play up to 40 music hours and comes equipped with a 1280 x 800 screen. The technology monitors communications in real time and alerts correctional staff about potential attempts at misuse – a standard practice shared by all correctional facilities to improve overall security.

The new partnership will also provide the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office with a suite of investigative tools that detect illicit behavior and enhance security throughout the facility.