Dave Abel Named Chief Executive Officer Of Aventiv Technologies And Its Corrections Subsidiary Securus Technologies

Technology and government services executive Dave Abel has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of Aventiv Technologies and its corrections services subsidiary Securus Technologies, effective immediately.

“Dave is an innovative leader who we recruited in April to develop and accelerate an ambitious business transformation program for Securus,” said Bryan Kelln, president of portfolio operations at Platinum Equity, which owns the companies.

“We are pleased to take the next step with his appointment as CEO, and excited about his plans for making Aventiv and Securus more accountable, more affordable, more accessible and more attentive to the needs of both customers and consumers,” Mr. Kelln said.

As his first order of business, Mr. Abel announced an ambitious multi-year transformation effort that he said will “acknowledge past criticism, pursue present opportunities and lead future innovation.”

“The role of technology in government and corrections is evolving, and Aventiv and Securus are at the forefront of that evolution,” Mr. Abel said. “The industry is changing, and we intend to embrace it. We will be the change.”

Mr. Abel acknowledged that both the company and the industry have faced criticism in the past over pricing, data security, product innovation and other issues.

He said that under his leadership the companies would seek the proper balance between the needs of customers, the corrections agencies that contract for the companies’ products and services; consumers, the incarcerated individuals and their families who use those products and services; and public policy officials who oversee corrections facilities, their operations and their vendors.

“We have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to address the financial and social needs of the communities we serve, making our services more affordable and accessible while continuing to innovate and help our government partners keep those communities safe and secure,” he said.

Securus has undergone substantial change since being acquired by Platinum Equity, with a major emphasis on eliminating certain past practices, enhancing and expanding others, and transforming from a traditional corrections telecommunications service provider into a broad technology innovator.

Aventiv Technologies launched in October 2019 as part of a corporate reorganization reflective of the company’s progression with distinct business lines for government payments (AllPaid) and corrections services (Securus Technologies and JPay).

“Technology at its best is an engine of change,” said Mr. Kelln of Platinum. “As the owners of Aventiv, we are keenly aware of the calls for change and steadfast in our determination to forge a new way forward.

“To that end, we have asked Dave to take the reins of the entire organization as we jointly execute on an overhaul of the agenda,” he said. “Under his leadership, Aventiv will clearly demonstrate new values, supporting community needs and creating benefit for all stakeholders.”


Building on previous reforms that have already been implemented, Mr. Abel committed to accelerating in 2020 an expansive, holistic reform of corporate policies and practices. The full scope of the program will be announced in the weeks ahead, but Mr. Abel today previewed some of the initiatives that will be included:

1.  Accessibility and Affordability    

2.  Transparency

3.  Education, Reentry and Recidivism

4.  Listening and Responsiveness  

5.  Technology and Innovation


Mr. Abel joined Securus as President in April of 2019, recruited from outside the industry to bring new ideas and urgency with respect to accelerating and expanding the reform agenda and technology transformation mandated by Platinum Equity. Most of his career has been dedicated to helping governments use technology to improve mission effectiveness and lower costs to taxpayers and consumers.

Prior to joining Aventiv, he founded and ran a business focused on performance improvement and software automation. As an executive at IBM and a partner at PwC, Mr. Abel was responsible for turning around and growing service and software businesses worldwide. While applying technology to some of society’s greatest challenges, he is known for balancing the often competing needs of security, privacy and consumer value.

About Aventiv Technologies
Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Aventiv Technologies is the parent company for Securus Technologies, JPay and AllPaid. With nearly 2,000 associates, Aventiv serves the public sector by applying technology solutions to make complex connections more secure and simpler than ever before. For more information, please visit www.Aventiv.com.