In response to COVID-19, Aventiv has provided 0,000,000 free calls to incarcerated Americans

Helping Incarcerated Communities Stay Connected in an Unprecedented Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many correctional agencies across the country to make the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily suspend in-person visitation in order to limit spread of the disease. Unfortunately, that means incarcerated individuals have fewer options to stay connected with loved ones at a time when national anxiety is at its highest point in decades.

To help keep families connected under extremely difficult circumstances, Securus Technologies began proactively providing discounted and free credits to ensure access to communication services such as e-messages, video chats, and phone calls. These free and discounted services were offered to every state and county served by Securus on March 13, the day the US declared COVID-19 a national emergency.

Since the program was implemented, Securus has seen overwhelming use of these free credits by Americans looking to share family updates and personal moments, and check on the health of loved ones. As of July 30th, working with 398 correctional agencies and 738 facilities, Securus Technologies has already exceeded several million dollars in contributions by providing:

Additional Free Communications for Incarcerated Individuals who Contract COVID-19

Now that COVID-19 has started to reach correctional facilities across the country, Securus is going one step further to ensure that families are able to maintain connection if an incarcerated love one falls ill. Securus is now providing compassion credits to all correctional facilities, which are uploaded onto prepaid cards and distributed by correctional staff to sick individuals. Those cards will allow free access to Securus phone calls and video connections to ensure COVID-19 patients are able to stay connected with loved ones at no cost throughout their medical care.

These actions to support individuals impacted by COVID-19 are part of a broader effort by Aventiv Technologies to transform operations and make services more accessible and affordable for incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. In January, Aventiv CEO Dave Abel announced a number of commitments that include lowering the costs of phone calls and other communications products, increasing transparency, and engaging directly with communities impacted by incarceration.



Dave Able Presenting Our Commitments

In January 2020, Aventiv Technologies President and CEO, Dave Abel, announced an ambitious multi-year transformation effort to address known issues, pursue present opportunities and lead future innovation.

The role of technology in government and corrections is evolving, and Aventiv and Securus are at the forefront of that evolution. The industry is changing, and we intend to embrace it. We will be the change

Mr. Dave Abel

Under Mr. Abel’s leadership the organization is committed to reform, including finding the proper balance between the needs of customers, the corrections agencies that contract for the company’s products and services; consumers, the incarcerated individuals and their families who use those products and services; and public policy officials who oversee corrections facilities, their operations and their vendors.



Committed to accelerating an expansive, holistic reform of corporate policies and practices.

Since being acquired by Platinum Equity, Securus – the chief technology force under Aventiv – the brand has undergone substantial change, with a major emphasis on eliminating certain past practices, enhancing and expanding others, and transforming from a traditional corrections telecommunications service provider into a broad technology innovator.

In mid-2020, Mr. Abel committed to accelerating an expansive, holistic reform of corporate policies and practices. Commitments include:

  • While Securus has reduced the average cost of calls by 30% over the past 3 years, not all consumers felt the same relief. The company pledges to work with all our institutional customers to broaden rate relief for more consumers by targeting the elimination of legacy outlier rates and reinvesting in the development innovations and tools to further reduce costs.
  • In 2019 Securus became the only service provider to announce full neutrality on the presence of site commissions and the provision of products regardless of the funding source and model determined by each locality. The organization will build on that in 2020 by working with all interested institutional customers on implementing these lower-cost-to-consumer alternatives.
  • Securus will reduce the application of third-party funding fees by investing in technology solutions where possible -- and negotiating lower rates where outside vendors are still required -- to provide savings to consumers of at least 35% on these fees by year end.
  • Securus will provide a clear and simple recitation of call rates to both customers and consumers, ensuring that those call rates are always available online and at the time of each call before they are accepted.
  • The Company will commission an annual report of inmate calling costs, produced and published by an independent third party, including a breakdown of what is being charged beyond the specific cost of the call (for example, additional costs necessary for the provision of safety protocols and service).
  • Securus will publish by the middle of this year an industry-leading report detailing a terms-of-use policy for its products, and memorializing comprehensive data privacy standards.
  • Securus will immediately sign the Society for Human Resource Management Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge.
  • The Company will contribute at least $3 million in 2020 to efforts focused on reducing recidivism rates and improving reentry rates, including support for The Securus Foundation to connect justice agencies more closely to their communities utilizing technology.
  • The Company will create a post-incarceration scholarship program to facilitate the completion of post-secondary degrees begun under Securus' existing educational product and service opportunities.
  • Mr. Abel and other company executives will meet each quarter with families and individuals personally impacted by incarceration to hear their recommendations and address their concerns about the company's products and services
  • Company leaders will also meet with corrections facility customers, correctional trade associations and advocates of alternative incarceration approaches to hear their recommendations and hear their concerns
  • Securus pledges to invest at least $40 million this year in facility communication infrastructure for the advancement of public safety and community needs.
  • The Company will devote at least $30 million to fund innovations in the development of secure products to take on the ever-evolving challenges facing correctional agencies in the new decade.



Taking steps towards the achievement of our goals.

In the first sixty days since Aventiv made these commitments, the company took multiple steps towards full achievement of its goals, including:

We have a neutral stance on the phone call funding model chosen by any agency or community. In all new contract negotiations we now provide correctional departments with options to eliminate commissions or entirely eliminate fees for calls.

  • Developed and deployed new technology to reduce reliance on third-party payment services, eliminating their fees and bringing savings to impacted consumers by an average of 30% in the total cost of each call.
  • Negotiated new contract with a major county customer lowering the cost of phone calls by more than 60% for over 6,000 incarcerated individuals and their loved ones.
  • Integrated commission-free and agency-paid options for telephone calls with both existing institutional customers and potential new institutional customers.
  • Convened first quarterly consumer forum with formerly incarcerated individuals and their families in Detroit to hear firsthand about their experiences and how to better serve them which will be used to inform future development efforts.

  • Met with leaders and participants of job-training and -placement organizations currently operating inside and outside of correctional facilities to learn about employment best practices and help guide development of re-entry support.
  • Signed the Getting Talent Back to Work pledge from the Society for Human Resource Management and committed to give hiring opportunities to deserving individuals with a criminal record.
  • Sponsored the Second Annual Correctional Education Reentry Summit hosted by Ashland University and supported the participation of formerly incarcerated students of the University.

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